Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Disappearing 4-Patch

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Since the Disappearing 9-patch tutorial
has been so popular, here is another option
using a 4-patch block.

Fabric Requirements:

Fabric A: White
2 - 7 1/2" squares

Fabric B: Pink
1 - 7 1/2" square

Fabric C: Green
1 - 7 1/2" square

Layout squares as shown and sew together
in 2 rows, press seams to the dark fabrics.

Sew rows together and press seam open
to reduce bulk.

Make a cut 5 1/2" in from each side of the block.

Now this is where the magic happens.
Our 4-patch has now become a 9-patch.
Take the left center unit and swap it with
the right center unit, then take the top
center unit and swap it with the bottom
center unit. Then sew together in 3 rows.
Press seams in rows 1 and 3 to the inside
and seams in row 2 to the outside.

Sew rows together and press seams
to the outside.

I made the original squares large enough
so you have plenty of room to square up
at the end. With sewing, cutting and sewing
back together, you want your finished block
to be as accurate as possible. Using a 12 1/2"
square ruler, place the 6 1/4" lines on the
center seams, both vertical & horizontal and
trim top and right sides. Now turn the block
and square 2 remaining sides to 12 1/2".

Quick & easy!

This is how it looks if you put the
blocks side by side.

By rotating every other block
you have this design.

I think it would look great as
a scrappy quilt.


  1. I admire your website background and appreciate the tutorial.

  2. Thank you for this clear tutorial. Nice work!

  3. I am planning to do this for my niece who is due in March. I have pretty pinks and whites picked out for her! :)

  4. This is a lovely tutorial -- great photos and very clear instructions! You are a good teacher! Thank you very much for sharing. I love this pattern! :) Dianne B. in England

  5. I have made many variations of this pattern and just love the results every time. So much fun with it. Aggie from MA

  6. Love your depiction of the quilt in bold colors. It really allows me to visualize the pattern better. thanks a lot! v

  7. This is great making on for my nieces college graduation. Can't wait to get this one started and have another one for the other twin niece using a different pattern dash and churn. Thank you for the pattern go this just in time.

  8. Several of the women in our Guild made Christmas quilts using this block. While the block is so simple, the quilts has lots of different personality. Based on how, or if, you turned the blocks. I just wish more instructions were as clear as yours. Thank YOU for sharing.

    1. Thank you all for the lovely comments! Please send photos of finished quilts and I would be happy to post them here or on the American Homestead page on facebook.
      Happy Holidays everyone!

    2. Like the looks of scrappy quilt best. I know I will try it this way.

  9. Very good instructions... enjoy your blog!

  10. I was given a bag of 4 blocks and had pined them together and remembered seeing a disappearing 4 block somewhere. I was thinking and maybe I would try it if I could find directions. Here I am and am going to cut my blocks apart and try this pattern.

  11. My daughter sent this link to me...wants a Throw in this Pattern! lol Thank you soooo much for the time you put into making this Tutorial!!

    Special Blessings! & Ohio Hugs too! :)

  12. I love this Pattern, Gotta try it for our Children's quilt group!

  13. Thankyou , I had seen a pattern but forgot to get instructions and yours are great as I read them. Hope they work for me as I put them into a project.

  14. Thank you SO much for sharing! I LOVE the disappearing 9 patch, and am looking for fun, similar patterns. This one is a definite for a future quilt.

  15. I cut my original squares 8" and then when I sew the completed blocks together I get a top that measures just under 60" in width. (four blocks across). I then can use a fleece for the backing and eliminate the batting. Makes for a lovely cuddly quilt for a baby!

  16. That looks really interesting and fun, can't wait to try it.

  17. How do I make a smaller square, say 6" to start with?

  18. very helpful I really enjoyed your web site thank you

  19. I enjoy making scrappy 9 patches, uses up scraps and look so different using up orphan scraps. I thank you!


    I've been quilting for a while, but my hubby says I'm waaaay to critical of my work, I've ben in hospital for the biggest part of the last 15 months (12 months} I'm ready to get back to working on my quilts... I have more than 60 in various stages of completion.... most just need to have the blocks set and then quilted, some just cut out and some just fabric and pattern picked out....
    Does anyone else suffer from what I call QADD???? Quilters' attention deficit disorder.... I work feverishly on a quilt - get a new magazine or online and see a new quilt or fabric so I start it --- then, I get it pieced and put off quilting and binding it because it's probably the empty nest feeling -- once it's done it goes to it's home --- shame on me -= I'm excited about making the and giving them to others but a few that I've given as gifts aren't being used, etc.... a lot of my life invested in something that doesn't get used, etc...
    I live in El Dorado Springs, MO - in the Ozarks - and I talk too much - married 32 years have two furry children - Libby (Liberty Belle we literally scraped her off of the middle line of the highway on 9-11-2001 and she weighed less than a pound almost every bone was broken and she was still alive - wanted something good to come from that day so we rushed her to our vet who is wonderful - 13 yrs later I couldn't imagine life without her) and our son Sheldon lee Cooper Murray P Finkelstein Gay (he came to us from friends who found him on the 4th of July 2012, less than 1 pound and near death from dehydration and malnutrition -- we had to bottle feed every 2 hours for several weeks - and he survived and is thriving at 14 lbs, all muscle - he's a cutie and a joy but is a bit of a bully sometimes to his older sister who is only 7 pounds of long long fur!!!
    That's about all there is about me
    Oh, don't know what to comment as - my name is Lisa Downing Gay

  21. So I went to your blog and check it out. Love the meal your brother made and the project you were working on in Mexico during the snow storm is lovely.

  22. Love this quilt block. Keep them coming. Thanks

  23. This is great! Thanks!

  24. I like the scrappy quilt best. I know this is the one I will do and love every minute of it.

  25. Love the 4 patch, going to try it out. Cheers from Scotland

  26. I have been looking for an easy sq to make , I think this is it. thank you

  27. Thank you for the design I subscribe by email

  28. Love the design and images and direction. Complaint following.....Why are you using a blue background? To copy and then print, so I can increase the size of the text, I use up the blue cartridge so fast.

  29. Hello from DownUnder! I've just found this tutorial on Pinterest. Thank you. I've been wrestling with some 4 patches I made for days & days!! With your assistance, it seems I may have (finally) conquered the puzzle. Hooray! Now to cut some more & piece it all together. Again thank you.

  30. also saw this via pinterest! Thank you for your gift to us quilter's out there!

  31. Lindo trabalho! Vera Marega. Brasil

  32. Muy bueno el tutorial, gracias !!!!

  33. I saw this block in a video somewhere and forgot to save it. When I was looking for it again, I found your blog, which is actually better than the video I was looking for. Many thanks!

  34. I will be making this for one of my next quilts. I have at least two others in front but love how simple this is.

  35. I love your quilt tutorial! Very clear and concise instructions. Terrific that you added photos. I've always loved the disappearing 9 patch. I intend to use this pattern for community projects... mainly baby and kids quilts. Thank you for spreading the beauty and simplicity of quilting! :)